Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Smooch Cosmetics UK haul/review

I recently purchased from a online make-up company called www.smoochcosmeticsuk.com after seeing a 20% discount code in a magazine. I watched/read a few reviews on the cosmetics before purchasing and liked what i saw! Now that I've received my products i thought it would be fun to do my own review.

The products came individually wrapped in purple tissue paper, with"Smooch" stickers holding it together and beautiful black lace decorating it. Although it is undoubtedly a waste of resources, it did make the products seem that extra bit special and would have been fabulous as a gift .

Once I had carefully removed the outer packaging, the individual tissue paper wrapping, the equally attractive packaging was viewable.
Now I know you shouldn't decide to purchase a product because of the packaging, but I must admit, it did help to persuade me!

As you can see, I purchased 2 lipsticks, a liquid eye liner, compact eye shadow duo and a lip liner.

And once I took them out of that packaging, this is what I was left with. The actual design of the cosmetics is pretty and rather simple. On the whole I do really like it. All products bar the lip liner have a slight rubber feel to them which I'm not quite sure about yet, as it does mean that any other make-up (ie, powder of eye shadows) and fingerprints are quickly visible, and hard to get off. 

This lipstick "Pink Fizz" originally £7.50 is a very natural shimmery pink. It's definitely not far off my natural lip colour and is quite sheer. It's very soft and almost melts onto your lips.
Pigmentation isn't crazy as it is pretty sheer. But it is of decent quality.
I feel it is not a long-lasting lip colour as it is extremely soft and you are aware of it on your lips ( feels hydrating ).

This lipstick is my favourite of the two, called "Prom Punch" and also £7.50. It's a stunning raspberry/ slight plummy colour, also very soft texture but the pigmentation is fabulous. To me, it seems very similar to a mac lipstick. Which for me is a good thing!
As the lipstick is very soft it does seem it could "bleed" quite easily so lip liner in a similar colour would probably do this lipstick justice.

It's been quite a while since i have owned a liquid liner ( I use "blacktrack" gel liner by Mac or "smoulder" a pencil liner also by Mac) but I was very pleasantly surprised by this liner. I'm not very precise when it come to eye liner, and i have a very shakey hand most the time. But the brush on this liner is more "plasticy" that individual hairs. However the "plastic" is flexibly enough to make application easy but still have a lot of precision. The pigmentation is decent, but nothing amazing, for £6.95 I would say it is a worthwhile purchase.

This eye shadow duo in "filthy rich", priced £9.50, comes in the same Slightly rubber textured packaging. I picked these colours which I feel would complement my blue eyes, and these are also the sort of eye shadow tones I am used to working with.

the handy little compact would be good for on-the-go as it also contains a mirror, and these 2 eye shadows can be used on a day to day basis (including using the light shimmer as a highlighter).

I feel like the pigmentation of the lighter colour is better, as it picks up a lot easier. However, it is a rather "thick" eye shadow. the texture clumpy/lumpy, although once blended in, isn't as noticeable. The colour is a very light gold with a lot of shimmer. Whereas the darker colour seems to be slightly harder to pick up, but as a result is less clumpy. the colour is definitely copper, with a lot of underlying orange tones. Also with a lot of shimmer. 
Both eyeshadows reflect light nicely and i feel nicely usable eye shadows.
"Nearly Naked" lined and filled in the lips.
 Last but not least "Nearly Naked"  lip liner. This was £4.95. I sort of regret the colour I chose as it is rather boring. But hey ho, it is supposed to be a nude, so I got what I asked for. 

One thing that really made me want to purchase a lip liner from Smooch Cosmetics was the the fact that on one end , you have your pencil liner, and on the other you have a lip brush! 

I have yet to test out the lip brush as i've never really had a decent lip brush before i'm not the best tester of this part of the product. I tend to just attempt to apply my lipstick as neat as possible free hand. But, it's great of them to include a lip brush, especially for £4.95!

The lip liner is undoubtedly a nude colour, possibly slightly dull for complementing my complexion. But it does seem like it will last, and gives good pigmentation. The product applies easily and smoothly. As it is soft I feel if it was used frequently it would need a sharpener near! I wouldn't recommend wearing it on it's own myself, I feel it would look good as a base for a nude lipstick with pink tones and some gloss. I'll definitely be trying this out :)

"Eyeshadow Duo","Prom Punch","Nearly Naked","Pink Fizz","Liquid liner"

No Flash 

"Eyeshadow Duo","Prom Punch","Nearly Naked","Pink Fizz","Liquid liner"  

Flash (Truer to real colours)
Over all I am very happy with my purchase and am always happy to try out new/different brands, especially when for once they're from the UK! ( and they have 20% off)
If you got this far, then well done! It was a long review. Thank you for taking time to read, till next time;
Beth x

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